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Triip Protocol - A Unified Travel Network

Answer the hardest question in Travel Industry “Who will travel to Where and When?”

Create the Next Travelution by transform all Travellers to become the Travel KOL




hotel rooms


unique tours



Watch how you can join our journey

Triip Protocol, our B2B2C blockchain platform, allows all travel industry players to join a unified network to enjoy the benefits of the ecosystem

Reach to the right Travellers with almost zero advertising fees and low customer acquisition cost

What our Triip Partners talk about us

Triip Protocol has a combined 100M+ users been signed up and 97 travel companies has signed up

Startup Shows Promise by WallStreet Journal, Like Uber for local experiences by CNN
TypeARetreat - Startup Nation author
Triip story on 101 East program by Al Jazeera

Our Advertisers & Business Partners

About Triip

The sustainable travel eco-system in the world that focuses on job creation, cultural immersion and eco-friendly impact

Triip PTE LTD - a sustainable travel tech company licensed by Singapore Tourism Board. Our vision is to pioneer forward- looking business models advancing the vision of an industry wide transformation: sustainable travel for the world.

We pioneer three business models:

  • the travel platform enabling travellers to seamlessly book 1,900,345 hotel rooms in 227 countries and 6,000 authentic local experiences (“triips”) in 100 countries
  • Promote sustainable and exotic destinations like Bhutan, Nepal, Seychelles... We are currently Top 5 Inbound company bringing travellers to Bhutan after 18 months
  • SaveYourOcean: The world’s first affordable smart water refill station network to reduce plastic bottle usage backed by United Nation.

And empower our eco-system partners through Triip Protocol.

Core Values

Sustainability Happiness Adventure Responsiveness Excellence


After 4 years of operation and US$835,000 investment from Gobi Ventures/Mavcap, MAP2 Ventures, Gaiax Ventures and angel investors, Triip became profitable in October 2017.

Why Triip has a real product and revenue in more than 200 countries within the travel industry. Our product, customers, and partners are real with solid track records. This is not just another blockchain start-up.

Startup Shows Promise by WallStreet Journal, Like Uber for local experiences by CNN
TypeARetreat - Startup Nation author
Triip story on 101 East program by Al Jazeera
Interview of at APEC O2O Summit!
Triip story on 101 East program by Al Jazeera - SDGs Challenge | Hatch!Fair2017
Startups in Vietnam
[] help to experience Hanoi - Vietnam's authentic local culture

The majority of power in travel industry is wielded by a handful of data-rich corporations

  • The Supplier The Supplier
  • The Reviewer The
  • The Verifier The
  • The Arbitrator The
  • The Promoter The




  • The Reviewer The
  • The Verifier The
  • The Arbitrator The
  • The Promoter The
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The Buyer The Buyer

The change has begun. A new travel tokenomy powered by Triip protocol

Triip Economics

Prominent Investors

  • Gobi Partners
  • XOX
  • Vynn Captital

Featured in


  • WINNER APEC O2O Forum I Vietnam
  • WINNER APEC O2O Forum II Peru 2016


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  • Rainbow Logo
  • Booking Logo
  • Next Logo
  • Easi6 Logo
  • Pata Logo
  • DBS Logo
  • Citibank Logo


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TriipMiles/TIIM Token

Total number of tokens

500 million TIIM

Token available

165 million (33%)

Nominal price

1ETH = 8800 TIIM

Emission rate

No further tokens will be created

Token private sales

  • 22% of all tokens
  • Uncapped, fixed price
  • First come, first served
  • 30% Bonus
  • Invitation only

Token sale

  • 11% of all tokens
  • Capped within 24hs, fixed price
  • Open to public


2500 ETH
18750 ETH

Token format

ERC-20 Standard

Currency Accepted

Ethereum (ETH) only


Use of Funds from FY2019 - FY2023

ICO Roadmap

  • December 2013
    • Triip Pte Ltd. founded
  • 2014
    • Winner of Regional Startup Arena Battle by TechInAsia
    • Seedstarsworld 2014 Regional Winner
  • 2015
    • Digital Innovation Asia Award
    • World Tourism Forum Innovation Award
  • 2016
    • Top 40 K-Startup Program 2016
    • Awarded the Forbes Asia 30 Under 30 (Ha Lam - cofounder)
    • Intel Women Entrepreneur Award - Apec O2O Summit
    • Winner APEC O2O Forum I & II
    • Funded by Gobi Partners
    • Organized Global Travel Entrepreneur Challenge
  • 2017
    • Partnered with
    • Organized Malaysia Travel Entrepreneur Challenge
    • Established the direct flight from Vietnam to Bhutan
    • Funded by GaiaX Global Marketing & Ventures Pte Ltd.
    • International Global Peace Award for Empowered Women in Tourism
  • Q2 2018
    • Whitepaper 1.0 release
    • Complete ICO landing page
    • Private sale
    • Adding global partnerships
    • Winner of Visa's Everywhere Initiative Vietnam 2018
  • Q3 2018
    • Re-architect and streamline internal systems
    • Partnership with TOMOCHAIN
    • Integrate payment via ETH to Platform
    • Start to work on TOMOCHAIN network
    • Top 15 blockchain projects DEMO AsiaSummit 2018
    • Best Marketing Award NTT Com Startups Challenge 2018
  • December 2018
    • Triip Explorer
    • 05/12: Release alpha version for Triip Explorer
    • 31/12: Launch Triip Explorer
    • Triip Protocol
    • 31/12: Accept payment by ETH & TOMO on Booking 6,000+ unique experience tours on Platform
    • Release Whitepapter 2.0, Technical Whitepaper
    • Partnership with Picmix & FaceDance
  • January 2019
    • Launch ICO
    • Do IEO on LaToken - Top 30 exchange in the world
    • Launch ICO on Tomochain
    • Launch Triip Wallet
    • Launch Triip Protocol's Official for Traveler and Business Partners
  • February 2019
    • Listing on LaToken
  • March 2019
    • Listing on the additional exchange.
    • Release feature "Rebate Hotel booking fee" via Triip Wallet
    • Upgrade new features for Business Partners (Media Targeting)
  • Q2-2019
    • Launch Global Travel Entrepreneur Challenge 2019
    • The world first Crypto Retreat in Europe
    • Listing on the additional exchanges
  • Q3-2019
    • Launch decentralized approval and arbitration system
    • Launch Universal Travel Scoring system
  • Q4-2019
    • Launch TriipMiles accepted Water-Refill Station at UNDP & PATA

The long-awaited smart-contract based protocol that fuels the next travelution


The future of travel is blockchain technology. However, it is not easy for travel businesses to benefit from blockchain technology. We are here to be the bridge between the two worlds


Joel Ng

Joel Ng

Chief Investment Officer, Former Partner at XSQ.
Joel Ng is experienced in investment origination and project management of Token Generation Events.

Joel was previously a Senior Analyst at ASEAN Industrial Growth Fund, the private equity fund backed by Mitsubishi Corporation, CIMB Group and the Development Bank of Japan. Prior to AIGF, he was an investment banking professional with Standard Chartered Bank and Maybank where his work included advising corporate clients on strategic transactions and capital raising.

Tiago Costa Alves

Tiago Costa Alves

VP Asia Pacific at AppCoins and Aptoide (Android Store with 200M users).
Tiago was instrumental in raising US$ 17 million in AppCoins ICO.
Regular speaker at tech events (e.g. Echelon, Tech in Asia, GMASA, GOAB, RISE... ). Before Aptoide, Tiago spent 12 years at Portugal Telecom.

Mario Hardy

Mario Hardy

Founder of Venture Capital firm MAP2|Ventures.
CEO of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA)

Dr. Mario Hardy has more than 30 years of experience in specialized aviation businesses, coupled with several corporate leadership capacities.

Long Vuong

Long Vuong

CEO of TomoChain and TomoChain Project Lead, co-founder and the former project lead of very successful NEM blockchain (New Economy Movement). PhD candidate in economics.

Brian Leonard

Brian Leonard

CTO & Technical Cofounder at TaskRabbit
Brian leads the product team at TaskRabbit, as a technical co-founder, build & launch the TaskRabbit platform. From this experience, he has become an expert on marketplace interactions and payments.

Victor Chua

Victor Chua

Managing Director at Vynn Capital, Malaysia and Forbes Asia 30 Under 30.

Melvin Yuan

Melvin Yuan

Founder & CEO at The Commissioned
Founder of Social Business Design Consultancy - Omnifluence
Co‐founder of Indoor Positioning Company – YFind Technologies (Acquired by Ruckus in 2013)

Calvin Kizana

Calvin Kizana

Calvin is a serial tech entrepreneurs with Forbes and Ernst and Young awards on his belt, and is currently CEO and co-founder of PicMix and PlayDay, a live streaming and interactive content distribution platform for massive online community with 35 million-users worldwide.

Calvin has been involved in multiple successful ICOs in the region, and actively involved and sit as advisor in ICO and blockchain projects across startups and corporates.

Our team

Hai Ho

Hai Ho

With 10 years experience in building products and startups, Hai founded and grew his own online community from 0 to 500,000 members within 1.5 years while still studying at the University at Buffalo, SUNY. Hai has rich experience in building a diverse range of products, including payment gateways, social networks, wearable hardware, community apps and ebook apps. Hai is passionate about sharing his experience and ideas with friends both new and old, and regularly shares them on the road at global travel and tech conferences around the world.

Entrepreneur. Supertraveler. Hustler. 10+ years of product experience.

Kent Nguyen

CTO LinkedIn
Kent Nguyen

Former CTO, Silicon Straits; Head Engineer, Grab Vietnam. Kent lived in Singapore for 17 years before returning to Vietnam in 2017. Kent has co-founded two successful businesses and forged strong technical teams in the past 10 years, beginning from the early days of college. Kent is gifted with programming skills and a passion for technology since young, and he has leveraged on these skills to build one-of-a-kind team culture and working relationships within organisations. Kent wants to help fellow developers maximise their potential by connecting the right people to businesses in need.

Former CTO of Silicon Straits, Head of Engineer, GRAB Vietnam.

Paul Wee

CFO LinkedIn
Paul Wee

Paul has been in various aspects of the financial industry for more than 20 years. Paul started as an auditor in the biggest audit firm in Singapore. He later focused in the financial industry, taking the lead in auditing listed stockbroking firms over a few years. Paul switched over to Mortgage Sales at HSBC Singapore in 2004. He was promoted to Senior Vice President of Mortgage Sales Department at HSBC in 2007 before joining ANZ as a Director (Head of Acquisition). Paul finally left banking in January 2014, having built a very successful business, despite running a relatively small sales team.

Former SVP at HSBC, Director at ANZ. 20+ years in finance industry.

Dr. Yap Kwong Weng

Dr. Yap Kwong Weng

Principal Advisor with KPMG in Singapore. He develops the firm’s strategy in Singapore and focuses on their transformation and growth strategy, including regional M&A projects. Before joining the private sector, he trained as a US Navy SEAL and spent a 12-year military career in the Singapore Commandos. He took the leap to head to Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia as a General Manager with Jebsen & Jessen (SEA) and helmed an energy company dealing with oil blocks, construction and infrastructure. In addition to private sector expertise, he is the Regional Advisor (Indochina) of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Asia’s leading public policy school. Kwong Weng is a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum and a Rotary Peace Fellow.

Principal Advisor of KPMG Singapore. Graduate of US Navy Seal / BUDS Class 237.

Jun Ishikawa

Jun Ishikawa

Founder of Tabica Japan
Director at Gaiax Global Marketing & Ventures

Director at Gaiax Global Marketing & Ventures and Founder of Tabica Japan

Ha Lam

Ha Lam

Ha is a mother of three, a cultural explorer, and a veteran tour guide. Forbes honored her as a member of its 30 Under 30 Asia 2016 list as the co-founder of Triip. She has over a decade of experience in the travel industry and was previously a tour guide for international travellers visiting Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She enjoys bringing joy and happiness to every single friend that she meets. Consequently, she willingly sold her house to bootstrap in order to achieve her mission of bringing happiness to travellers and local experts around the globe. During her free time, she enjoys playing with her children to release stress and recharge.

Forbes 30 under 30. Supertraveler. Connector of travelers and local experts.

Stacey Lee

CSO LinkedIn
Stacey Lee

Stacey is a Malaysian-born Chinese with a Master’s Degree in International Marketing Management from the University of Leeds in the UK. She is serial entrepreneur and angel investor with over 16 years of extensive experience in regional market expansion especially in Southeast Asia, strategic planning and sales & marketing. She has solid startup environment experience as a co-founder of 2 companies: Nuren Group, which has raised their Series A, and Malaysian social commerce website, which was eventually acquired by She is currently working on implementing blockchain policies and the marketing of the TRIIPMILES Token Sale.

Serial entrepreneur. Malaysian startup veteran, 16+ years experience in SEA market.



Quan Le

Quan Le

Son Doan

Son Doan

Tri Vo

Tri Vo

Hang Nguyen

Hang Nguyen

Thanh Phan

Thanh Phan



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Meet Us

We have been invited to many blockchain events around the world. We list some of the events below. If you’re interested in blockchain, ICOs, and travel, let meet us in person.

Our team is happy to meet you there.

Crypto Economic

Apr 26, 2018


Triip Private Sales Roadshow

Apr 28, 2018



Blockchain Adventure Tokyo Chapter 2018

Apr 14, 2018


Triip Private Sales Roadshow

May 10, 2018


Triip Private Sales Roadshow

May 18, 2018


Global Venture Summit

Apr 25, 2018


Triip Private Sales Roadshow

May 16, 2018



Crouching Panda, Hidden Tapir (GS shop)

Apr 26, 2018


Triip Private Sales Roadshow

May 14, 2018



Triip Private Sales Roadshow

May 7, 2018


Triip Private Sales Roadshow

May 8, 2018



Triip Private Sales Roadshow

May 22, 2018


Frequently Asked Questions

Triip is the only travel platform enabling travelers to book seamlessly 1,900,345 hotel rooms in 227 countries and 6,000 authentic local experiences (“triips”) in 100 countries. Not only we have the best price in the world for hotels (through the partnership with, we are the only one that gives back all of our commission as a rebate to the travelers by cryptocurrencies.

Triip offers the combination of hotels and, local experiences. This combination is a key point of competitive differentiation. There are innumerable big tour companies in the world, operating at both the international and local level. However, the list of companies offering unique tours by locals is considerably smaller, with only a few major players. The reason for this is an inventory of such tours is hard to aggregate, because – unlike hotel rooms and airline inventory – the tour space is one of the last segments of the industry to fully succumb to digital distribution.

TriipMiles is the only travel token enabling travelers to book seamlessly 1,900,345 hotel rooms in 227 countries and 6,000+ authentic local experiences (“triips”) in 100 countries. Not only do we have the best price in the world for hotels (through the partnership with, we are the only one that gives back all of our commission as a rebate to the travelers by TriipMiles, other cryptocurrencies, and fiat money.

Travelers can book rooms on our platform via BTC/ETH/TriipMiles/fiat money in 227 countries, check-in, enjoy a unique tour offered by a local tour guide, and receive a rebate.

The TriipMiles business model will have a considerable impact on the travel economy. It enables a transition towards a circular economy, reusing value that was previously monopolized.

The goal of the TriipMiles/TIIM token sale (“Token Sale”) is to decentralize our centralized peer-to-peer platform and use smart contracts to automate the entire exchange process of tour services between travelers and local experts in 227 countries. This wil reduce operation costs significantly, improve trust and loyalty. This will grow our token valuation and your investment tremendously.

TriipMiles is specifically developed for transactions and commercial applications. It is being developed with smart-contract modules to maximize the computing efficiency required for completing transactions on a timely basis.

The existing general-use Ethereum are not designed for these purposes.

The TIIM token can be stored on:

  • Triip wallet: This wallet will be generated after the successful register by the investor
  • ERC-20 compatible wallet such as My Ethereum Wallet.

There are some ways to get the TIIM tokens:

  • By investing in the ICO via our website
  • By helping other members within Triip community such as reviewing, verifying, promoting, settling dispute cases on Triip or simply booking our tours or hotel.
  • By trading in the universal coin trading platform.

Yes, the private sale will distribute 22% of the total number of TriipMiles tokens.

  • 22% of all tokens
  • Uncapped, fixed price - 1 TIIM = 0.09 USD / 0.000113636 ETH
  • First come, first served
  • 30% Discount
  • Invitation only

To participate in the token sale, prospective investors will need to visit where you will be required to register for a Triip account. Once successfully registered, investors will be able to purchase TIIM tokens using Ethereum or Bitcoin. Token buyers will be purchasing TIIM tokens to be used within the Triip platform, as mentioned above.

Users must list an ERC-20 compatible wallet such as My Ethereum Wallet to receive their TIIM tokens which will be distributed after the purchase. Users may also be required to provide additional information and documentation to verify their identity as part of TRIIP’s KYC process, as described on Triip reserves the right to reject a potential TIIM token purchaser.

Please contact us by emailing and we will respond as soon as possible.